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Jul 31, 2019

Getting started
First of all, wooden tools and golden tools are removed.

So how can you survive without wooden tools?
Don't fear, there's a lot of replacements in this game mode!

Understand the usage of tools

  • Punching wood? Nope. You must use a Hatcher or an Axe for breaking any wooden blocks.
  • Digging dirt with your bare hands? Nope. You must use a Shovel for breaking any dirt/sandy blocks.
  • Breaking stone? You must use a Mattock or Pickaxe for breaking any hard blocks.
  • Gathering fruits or vegetables? You must use a Sickle for harvesting crops.
  • Cut strings or disarm TnT? You must use a Shears for cutting.
  • Placing artificial blocks? You must use a Hammer in your offhand for placing blocks.
Survive and thrive
First, find some trees. Gather some sticks by breaking the leaves.
  • Leaves have a 25% chance to drop 1 stick, otherwise no drop.
Sticks are also obtainable from Saplings.

Next, find some gravels. Gather some flints by breaking them.
  • Gravel has a 50% chance to drop 1 flint, otherwise no drop, by breaking with bare hands.
Gravel is usually found near lakes, rivers, extreme hills, caves, and cliffs.
Hmm, if you can't find any gravel in your area, try the following method if it's available:

Now you can make a Hatchet with these two items.

Break down some logs with your Hatchet, convert some logs into planks and sticks.
Now you can make a Mattock.

Next, find some stones. No, you can't break dirt straight down to find stones yet, you will need a shovel.
Hence, find a cave, or a mountain. Gather stones, and if you're lucky, get some coal too.
To make a workbench, you need the last tool, Hammer.

It is used to make workbenches and build artificial blocks.(See below)
Get a weapon
You can choose either using a Stone Sword or Shiv as your basic weapon.
Shiv adds a poison effect on hit, but with less damage.

Harvest cows and sheep to obtain Leather and String(from Wool)
If you are thirsty, craft a Bowl to obtain water.
Simply throw 1 Bowl into a water source, it will become a Water Bowl.
Drinking it will quench the thirst, but purified water is recommended when cauldrons are affordable. (See section Hydration).
Plan and craft
Then, you craft a Workbench like so:

With your workbench, you can upgrade your tools to stone tools.
With a shovel, digging Gravel is less risky to get flint.

We need to go deeper
Need to discover the underground? You'll need Torches.
But you need to make a Firestriker for igniting.

Firestriker can also be used like flint and steel, cook some meat, smelt some simple items.
It has a durability of 8. Right-click on the ground to set it on fire.
To use the smelting option of a firestriker, right-click while sneaking.

  1. Put unsmelted/uncooked items in the smelting slot.
  2. Click on the result slot to smelt/cook one item.
  3. To exit, either click on the Firestriker or press Escape.
Firestriker Recipes:
Any cookable Food


To make a Furnace, further works are required.
Start gathering some Clay by breaking clay blocks, or:

Turn clay balls into Brick with Firestriker, it's an essential material for making furnaces.

Make your own Furnace in the workbench.

Now you can smelt ores with Furnace.
Settle down before sunset
Time to settle, make sure you bring the workbench with you, it's important.
Make some Chests to store your items.

Build your house This is where the hammer comes in handy. All artificially crafted blocks (eg. planks) can only be placed when with the use of a hammer.

Put a hammer on the off-hand, your blocks on the main hand, start building your house!
Each placed block has 10% chance to reduce hammer's durability by 1.Epic s
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