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  1. Zaftar

    Omega's Staff Application

    yo why hasnt he been interviewed yet
  2. Zaftar

    hey guys look a fork and an electrical socket

    hey guys look a fork and an electrical socket
  3. Zaftar

    Someone wanting op [Request for Ban] (P: Wiaa)

    we'll look into it gamer
  4. Zaftar

    yo i also got pictures boys

  5. Zaftar

    Denied Zaftar's Builder App

    So yeah im already helper, and im happy to help with the server as is. But I believe my building skills may come to use aswell to make the server better, and as a member of PixliesEarth, I need to make an actual application just like everybody else. Why you should consider making me builder: -I...
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  7. Zaftar

    Meme Jokes about Communism

    These jokes are so funny they remind me of the nazis trying to invade the Soviet Union
  8. Zaftar

    My life is more of a meme

    burger be spitting straight facts
  9. Zaftar

    Denied wkasjnmas

  10. Zaftar

    Meme My life is a meme

    this is so contreversial yet so brave. You must be so courageous to be able to reveal this. remember that its ok and we still love you. You are still a good person and it isnt your fault
  11. Zaftar

    Denied Staff Application thing.

    oh cool im not the only 13 year old here. Btw nice staff application