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Mar 19, 2020
Howdy Mick, Meer, Mach, Mofu, Zaft or whoever else is reading this. How are you? Are y'all having a good day so far? I hope everyone is. I'm guessing most of you know me, but hi I'm Hyijack. I'm also known as Hyi, Tsar Hyijack, ex owner of VanillaEarth, the guy that killed VE more then once, and many other things. I think having me on your staff team would be very beneficial to your server and your community as a whole. I'd like you to take some time and read these reasons I give you.

Reason 1 - I Have Owned A Somewhat Popular Server:
As most of you know already I ran the geopol server "VanillaEarth" for about 3-4 months until i shot it and put it 6 feet under the ground. Hence why I now reside on your server PixliesEarth. Owning VE gave me alot of important skills that I think would be beneficial to your staff team. I had to make very tough decisions sometimes, such as banning Nessy and MPB for being dumb, or how much money I had to pay Mick to do the simplest stuff that I was too lazy to do. I also listened to many appeals, read DMs and tickets, and did much more moderation, (not really in the war department because at VE, war was constant). I think my ex Ownership skills will be beneficial to you because you'd actually have someone on your staff team who could moderate to the best of their ability, (not saying everyone else can't moderate).

Reason 2 - I'm Somewhat Well Known:
I personally think that I am well known in this community overall. As some of you know I've killed Atlas404, Drippydrippy's server Europia, and my own server VanillaEarth like 2-3 times. I know you may think that if I kill servers that I would be a bad fit to the team, well in doing this I have gained notoriety and respect in parts of this community. This respect would make it so others would listen to what I have to say and allow me to moderate with peak performance. I believe that my somewhat popularity would make me a perfect candidate for staff.

Reason 3 - Activity:
As long as I'm not working, or hanging out with friends or my girlfriend, (WAIT I'M SINGLE AND LONELY AS HELL I DON'T GOT NO GIRL), I'll be on this wonderful server of yours. I always am typing in your discord whenever possible and helping out some new players however I can. Honestly, this is a skill of mine I think I can approve upon, but it still should be good enough for a spot on your staff team.

In the end, I think I am a prime candidate for staff on your server. The reasons I have listed above should convince you the same. Besides, I am already helper on the server for some reason, so why not continue that trend for real. I hope everyone enjoyed reading my lovely essay on why I should be staff on your server. Honestly, if this 30 mins I spent on this doesn't work, I also have alot of money so Mick just DM me and we can possibly work something out... I love you all and have a good day.


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Feb 20, 2020
Your application was denied

For the following reasons:
-Extremely childish behavior

You are blacklisted from applications for 1 month
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