Pending MofuAwake's staff application


New member
Nov 6, 2019
Your Minecraft IGN: MofuAwake

Your timezone/where you are from: GMT+1, spanish but from portuguese fathers.

When can you be active: I can be active ingame a little in the morning, until 2pm in local time, but from 10pm to 3am i can be active as well.

How old you are: 19

Languages you speak: English, spanish and a little of portuguese.

How much experience you have with Spigot/Minecraft: I've been playing minecraft since 1.1 and started with multiplayer servers at that time. In addition to that, i've made servers to play with my friends.

Do you know simple commands: I know about vanilla minecraft commands very well and middle knowledge about commands related to plugins.

Why should we pick you over the others: I can communicate very well with the iberoamerican comunity and i'm very neutral, i always try to make sure that people follow the rules, even if is something that i can get some profit from it. Also, i could get new players since most of my friends play minecraft and know a lot of people from other servers.

How could the server benefit from you: I am a very logical person and when i work in a project i always try my best to improve it. At the moment i'm learning basic level java at craft school, but in the near future i can help with the development of the server

Full Discord username: MofuAwake#5824