Omega's Staff Application


New member
Aug 23, 2019
Your Minecraft IGN: Omegaamer

Your timezone/where you are from: Western Australia, AWST (GMT+8
When can you be active: ~2 hours on weekdays and 6-8 on weekends

How old you are: 15

Languages you speak: English and rough Japanese

How much experience you have with Spigot/Minecraft: I understand the Spigot IDE to a basic extent, I have thorough background in working with plugin configs and working with plugins. I have an extremely thorough understanding in the geopolitical Minecraft community, but I have hopped between many different Minecraft communities during my time.

Do you know simple commands: I understand all the moderator commands from previous experience, and I can work with more in-depth back-end commands easily as well.

Why should we pick you over the others:
I have extremely extensive moderating backgrounds in the geo-political community; working on Terraacube, Columba, Atlas, and Kingdomscraft in development, and working on Vanilla Earth, Geographica, Terrestria and Expedetia for moderation. I have seen so many come and pass and I have been apart of the development or staffing teams for so many of them, and I understand what makes a geopolitical server work, and I'm happy to help working towards making this server more popular then it could have been before.

I try to be professional when acting as an official staff member, while I like to make jokes and have fun, I try my best to avoid going to far with them, being unprofessional or saying things that can be taken the wrong way. I’m obviously not perfect so I make mistakes, but I also own up to them instead of joking about it or trying to avoid it. I try to be honest and transparent and I find that better then trying to sweep mistakes under the rug or deny they ever happened.

I am hard-working and dedicated; I want to put in my effort to make sure that this server succeeds, and making sure it is moderated well is a big part of that. I know this and am willing to put in all the effort necessary to making sure that the players enjoy their time, whether I execute this through answering questions, moderating chat, or any other means that the team or players feel necessary to provide a better experience. I've been playing on this server since the very beginning, so I understand the ins and outs to a good extent, and I am easily able to help new players with their questions. I know the rules of the server well, and if players are breaking them I can go about punishing them correctly.

How could the server benefit from you: Besides other projects, I can still dedicate my time to working on the server on a front-end level to make sure it is moderated well, but also a backend level to make sure what is being put out is what the community wants and also what is good for the future of the server.

Full Discord username: Omega#7618