Pending Orange8848’s application


New member
Jan 30, 2020
Your Minecraft IGN: My IGN is Orange8848

Your timezone/where you are from: Am in the EDT time zone

When can you be active: I can be on up to 3 hours on the weekdays and 4 on the weekends

How old you are: 14

Languages you speak: English and am learning Spanish but I don’t know if that counts.

How much experience you have with Spigot/Minecraft: Yes I was a moderator on a server that was called DirtMC which the popular YTuber owned “Crainer” which is now called HoexMC. I learned how to be a professional person and how to deal with player through this experience. I also often make pluggins for fun as am really into coding with java and JavaScript.

Do you know simple commands: from being a moderator on DirtMC now HoexMC I learned the basics of worldedit and punishing players. I also learned how to figure out if someones hacking in tough situations to find out.

Why should we pick you over the others:I most likely have more experience then most of the applications you see and can help with all the technical stuff behind the scenes like coding plugins or troubleshooting a plugin.

How could the server benefit from you: the server be much more professional and the server would work a lot smoother with someone that actually know what they are doing and can spot mistakes before they become real issues.

Full Discord username:123tnt123#6116