Pending Radcheesy Staff app


New member
Mar 18, 2020
Applied before reboot but got deleted, forgot what I put so attempt #2.

General Information: -
IGN - Radcheesy
Discord - Mammal#4066
Age - 17
Timezone - GMT

I have been with the Pixlies community since around august 2019 which I'd like to believe is quite a while, a lot of the older community know me and I'd also like to think that for the most part they can vouch for me when I say I would be a decent asset as staff. With my previous experience with the community I know that depending on the player as well as the situation they are mixed up in I can act appropriately to stop escalation, however the older community has very quickly been overwhelmed by an ungodly amount of players which is where my previous staffing experience will show through. While not on geopol or minecraft in general, I do believe the skills I have learned from staffing and running my own mostly small to medium communities are applicable here such as decent communication and understanding, quick thinking, extreme patience and community organisation.

servers I have worked with (All are former Gmod servers):
NXG - 3 Months - (Shutdown)
Fusion Gaming - 2 Months - (Resigned)
Born2Run - 2 Months - (Shutdown)

Communities I have Managed:
Arab Revolution (Please don't ask me to explain)
Slavic DarkRP (Closed)

A few other things I should mention also I do have a general Idea of the more useful commands and anything that I don't know or fully understand I will be happy to learn! After leaving school and the cheese touch making a comeback I have a lot of free time to come on and help out whenever needed.

Praised member of The Greater State ~ Radcheesy