Pending Radcheesy Staff Application


New member
Oct 30, 2019
Your Minecraft IGN: Radcheesy

Your timezone/where you are from: GMT

When can you be active: Mondays - Tuesdays can be between 2-4 hours Wednesdays-Saturdays can be between 4-8 hours

How old you are: 17

Languages you speak: English

How much experience you have with Spigot/Minecraft: While i have somewhat limited experience in spigot I have a very large amount of experience when it comes to minecraft as a whole, starting in 2012 and spending a lot of time in multiplayer.

Do you know simple commands: In my experience I do, any that have changed since I last used them or that i'm just outright unaware of wont be difficult to learn though.

Why should we pick you over the others: Because not just in Minecraft but other games that revolve around similar close knit communities I have vast experience in. While my minecraft staffing experience is quite limited to a number of much smaller servers I have great experience staffing on on other games particularly Garry's Mod. While the games may be quite different in nature I believe from this experience I have gained the fundamental skills required to be an adequate staff member such as being extremely patient when it comes to impatient or toxic players, organizing a varying number of players during events and handling more volatile situations. On top of that these experiences have given me far more confidence in my abilities and allows me to communicate more calmly with other players. I should also mention that I have prior experience running servers (again not on Minecraft but still applicable) and do have some experience managing communities.

How could the server benefit from you: With Pixlies earth going through a major change I can imagine that the staff will have quite a lot to do over the next few weeks and as a helper I'll try to lighten that load as much as possible whether it be dealing with rule breakers, helping to organize the community or giving my 2 cents on the direction the server should go down.

Full Discord username: Mammal#4066