Denied RichRacc's Staff Application!

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Mar 16, 2020
Minecraft IGN: RichRacc

(I like to keep it synonymous with my youtube)

Discord tag (Name and #Id) Pres. RichRacc#4134

(like I said, synonymous)

Why do you want to apply? Do you even play frequently? Why PixliesEarth?
The Reason I want to apply is that I believe I could really make a difference here. I play very often and will be online for the next 2 weeks
due to coronavirus so lots of work can be done! The Reason I chose here was that I never worked in such a large engaged community before.
I feel like adding this under my hypothetical belt as experience would be cool and very great at expanding my overall intellect on such a job and its
basic requirements in the future.

Do you have any previous staffing experience? (With links to the mentioned institutions/servers)

I indeed do have previous experience, I believe I have some positive impact on these listed servers. here are some links, , (Ah, this server. I am the chief justice of The Slap Union and its basically a hangout and info center that
people just have fun in. Lots of weird stuff goes on but I and my admins/mods keep it tame most of the time. This is the newest and probably the
hardest job I have). (Me and my friends Kitpvp server that's in the works),

(my first server) (That link behind this sentence is an archive of my first server that still operates till this day, it was just an internet freinds circle that I liked and improved over time with
friends and online friends that offered advice. I still go on it from time to time...)

Why should we pick you over other applicants? What makes your special as an individual?

I have a great expansive imagination and I have experimented with in-game internet and IRL computer technologies. I want to specialize
officially in Computer Technologies. I could help in-game with people since I can see other people's perspectives very well. I can
visualize builds in my mind and help around the discord with moderation. Also, I am mature and maintain a respectable presence in the face of insult
or community hate. I do not lash out at the community or yell at them unless I have to.

Have you worked on similar servers before?

No, I haven't worked on servers like this. However, I have worked in servers before and I maintain a powerful but likable presence in almost all of them except AMC which I and the owner had a
misunderstanding in. I don't even know what it was, It was probably irrelevant but I would gladly provide an invite if you would like.

(I tried my best)


If you need any more proof of my work or jobs, just PM me at my discord ok...

BTW I don't have a stable schedule now due to COVID-19 but I will when School lets out for summer which is very soon so much work can be done.


Yours truly, Pres. RichRacc#4134


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Mar 2, 2020
I'd say like maybe 5/10 for this application, ehhh it's alright and there's a bit of a chance that you may be accepted. But your experience seems to be based around community based servers rather than Minecraft servers. Plus, you kinda copy and pasted the format from the what we expect template. So there is only some chance you may be accepted.


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Feb 20, 2020
Your application was denied

For the following reasons:
-Your application is good, but due to the current amount of applications we prefer staff that are not staff on another server

You are free to reapply
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