Pending Staff Application - Groot


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Mar 15, 2020
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Minecraft IGN
Grootofficier :)

Discord tag (Name and #Id)
Groot | Athenian Empire and Groot#1463

PixliesEarth Reloaded Nation
I plan on playing as the Athenian Empire, located in Athens, Greece.

Why do you want to apply? Do you even play frequently? Why PixliesEarth?
I care about PixliesEarth and I have watched it grow over the past couple of months;
I play a lot of Geopols, so far I'm most excited about Pixlies Reloaded;
PixliesEarth has a great moderation team that know me fairly well.

Do you have any previous staffing experience? (With links to the mentioned institutions/servers)
I owned Vanilla Earth and brought back about 700 unique players during my ownership.

Why should we pick you over other applicants? What makes your special as an individual?
I'm a programmer at heart, and should there be a chance to work on PixliesEarth's code with Mick that would be awesome;
I've also managed staff teams in the past for Vanilla Earth, and I have practical skills in managing a Geopol discord and Minecraft server.

Have you worked on similar servers before?
Vanilla Earth.
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Mar 15, 2020
Experience with a known server in the geopol community? Check.
Player who people know and respect as a community member? Check.
Evidence for programming skills mentioned in application? ...less check, might wanna provide a GitHub or some example code.
Managing a server and bringing it modest success? Check.

Overall, a short (but solid) application that says what needs to be said. Normally, I'd be concerned with the lack of effort, but you've dedicated that effort in the past, you don't really need to prove that with excessive wording. Basically, nice showing.



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Mar 2, 2020
Very well formated, short but I mean programming skills and past experience on Minecraft servers of these kinds will prove useful for the staff team. 8/10