Pending Staff Applications


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Mar 15, 2020
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Why would I like to apply?

This is why I want to be a staff member. I want to be a staff member on this server to help everyone on the server. Spread positivity and kindness.

Do you plan on playing a lot?

Yes, I do! I love GeoPolitical servers and dive deeper into them and see how they work from the inside!
The reason why I'm excited about PixliesEarth is that it is new and fresh where everyone has a chance.

Have I ever been staff in another server?

Kinda. There is this GeoPol server that I am a Mod of and it will be towny based it is called Survival Gaming. If you want to confirm me with this I can send you the discord server.

Why should we accept you over everyone else?

This is why I am different than everyone else. I can work well with other people I listen to everyone and try to get everyone's suggestions heard. Also, I think there is always think there is a first for everyone and never give up.

Thank you for working on this server for everyone and I enjoy playing it!