Pending Vaagnh's Staff Application


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Feb 7, 2020
Your Minecraft IGN:

Your timezone/where you are from:
Indiana, EST

When can you be active:
Mon-Fri 4pm-8:30pm EST | Sat 10am-10pm EST | Sun 10am-9pm

How old are you:

Languages you speak:

How much experience you have with Spigot/Minecraft:
I am not familiar with Spigot. I know some basics, and I am willing to be taught if needed. In Minecraft however, i have been playing since it came out on the Xbox360, and started playing Java Edition in 2015 (I played on my sisters account until 2018, Sep. 29)

Do you know simple commands:
Yes, I know the vanilla Minecraft commands and some plugin commands

Why should we pick you over the others:
I am an active person, in-game and through discord. I try to respond to people as soon as I can when I am needed by them. I am willing to become committed to this server and help it in anyway that is in my power. I am experienced in being moderator from being one in another Geo-poll server. I have OBS, so I can record anyone hacking for proof. I am normally a relaxed person, but I can be strict if needed. I am non-biased in situations that it is needed. I am patient with toxic people and/or impatient people that refuse to listen.

How could the server benefit from you:
Pixlies is going through a huge change, which will bring an influx of new players. How i can be useful to Pixlies and I believe I can help moderate this server. I am reasonable with lots of situations. I can moderate peoples actions, help with getting rid of any hackers, and help with server addition debating, or anything that I am capable to do.

Full Discord username:
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