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Oct 21, 2019
Your Minecraft IGN: Bluudaniel orrrr u can call me bluu the maid
Your timezone/where you are from: EST, NY
When can you be active: 1 - 5 hours or if im lazy less then 2.4 sec
How old you are: 39month old cat manwommen thinggy
Languages you speak: english and english, im clicking letters on a keybored help me
How much experience you have with Spigot/Minecraft: lonk time, around 2 - 3 years just like the age of the cat girls i meet
Do you know simple commands: Yes and some cat girl calls if you know what im talkin about toss, i know ur readin this
Why should we pick you over the others: Im fairly good at life, and im decent with communitys i also can talk about how cat girls can be dangeus anmiles
How could the server benefit from you: entertainment, like this apply. if your not laguhing then your brain is too big for me...
Full Discord username: Donkey-(Bluu)#8756 or can call me donkey bc donkeys are better than hummans proven by a since study taken form my a** just now


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Jul 31, 2019
Your application got DENIED for the following reasons:
- I have the feeling that you don't really take the application serious.
- A slight lack of detail

Please feel free to reapply anytime you feel ready again.
Not open for further replies.