Denied Zaftar's Builder App

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Aug 9, 2019
So yeah im already helper, and im happy to help with the server as is. But I believe my building skills may come to use aswell to make the server better, and as a member of PixliesEarth, I need to make an actual application just like everybody else.
Why you should consider making me builder:
-I was previously a builder, but got demoted (idk why but its probably a good reason) but I iwll make sure to do a better job this time
-I have demonstrated countless times my building skills in the construction of ZCC and HydroQuebec skyscrapers, as well as the Berlin Central Bank back in the 1.12 server and the construction of a hyper-modern city for a lobby (that was never used because we never copied it on a floating platform) and the EU parliament on the first ever server.
-I believe in a good team ethic and I believe that the more the merrier when it ocmes to a construction project
-I have acess to your credit card details
Thanks for reading gamers
Not open for further replies.