Denied Zolikans Staff Application


New member
Jan 9, 2020
Your Minecraft IGN: Zolikan

Your timezone/where you are from: GMT++

When can you be active: 5 Hours a day.

How old you are: I am 12 years old.

Languages you speak: Hebrew and English.

How much experience you have with Spigot/Minecraft: At least a hundred hours of messing around and using commands. I have been staff in many servers before who have used spigot. I do wish to learn more in my staff time.

Do you know simple commands: I do, I know essentials, worldedit, and factions commands,

Why should we pick you over the others: You shouldn't, I am not above anyone else, You choose who you need for your team. But I do want you to know I have had many experiences on servers as being staff, but unfortunately they have been shutdown due to financial issues and personal affairs on the owners side. Since I saw your server I just played and played. I have formed a war alliance already. I just want to help the factions and the people of server.

How could the server benefit from you: I could help in sits, and help with the economy, as well as helping people with all things needed, but if I can not help with this I shall help by calling another staff member to help them and teach me how to help in the way he is.

Full Discord username: Apep#1580


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Jul 31, 2019
Hey! I'm sorry that we had to deny your application, but there are a few lacks in your submitted form:
- You are too young
- Lack of detail

Feel free to apply anytime you are older!